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About Pete

Pete has lived in Nevada since childhood and graduated from Eureka High School.  He attended Utah State University and married his wife, Glady, in 1972.  They have two surviving children, JJ and Jolene.  They lost their son, Raymond, Tista, in 1985.  All of their children have grown up in rural Nevada.

Pete bought his first farm, located in the Diamond Valley, in 1970.  Forty years later, family-owned Goicoechea Ranches maintains 700 mother cows, at times up to 1600 head of cattle and is over 3000 acres. He is a third generation rancher and he and his son run the ranch. Pete is a businessman, used to having to make a payroll and understands just how difficult it can be to run a business in the current economic climate.

Pete was a Eureka County Commissioner for 16 years, until he was elected to the Nevada Assembly in 2002.  He has sat on many committees crucial to rural Nevadans over the past 12 years in the legislature, including Ways and Means and Health and Human Services.  He was the Minority Whip in 2007 and 2009 and is currently the Minority Leader of the Assembly.

Pete Goicoechea was a volunteer for the Eureka Fire Department and is a member of the Rodeo Club, the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association and Nevada Water Resource Association; Pete is especially proud to be a part of Snowshoe Thompson Chapter of E Clampus Vitus, a group that devotes it’s time to the history of California, Utah and Nevada.



Present or Past Member of:

·         Director, Nevada Water Resource Association.

·         Humboldt River Basin Authority

·         Nevada Rural Health Centers

·         Western States Coalition

·         Nevada Association of Counties

·         State Land Use Planning Advisory Council

·         Nevada Grazing Board of District Nos. 4 and 6

·         Central Committee of Nevada State Grazing Boards

·         E Clampus Vitus, Snowshoe Thompson Chapter, Carson City Nevada

·         Eureka High School Rodeo Club

·         Eureka Volunteer Fire Department

Current Legislative Committees

  • Health and Human Services, Member
  • Legislative Operations and Elections, Member
  • Ways and Means, Member
  • Committee to Consult with the Director
  • State Public Lands, Alternate
  • Interim Finance Committee
  • Representative, Veteran Medicine, WICHE Board



Committee to Elect Pete Goicoechea