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Water and Water Rights

All natural resources need a voice in our government, local to federal level. Water may be our most valuable natural resource. All economic development is tied to our access to water.  We live in the driest state in America.

Pete has been dealing with water and water rights issues in the State of Nevada for most of his life. He believes that our rural areas have unique issues with regard to water, compared to the rest of Nevada. We need water for our homes, our farms, our ranches and the recreational needs of our residents and tourism development.  Pete has both supported and introduced legislation to protect and conserve Nevada’s water resources.

Veteran’s Issues:

With some many veterans returning from two wars, Pete is acutely aware of the need for veteran’s services.  Our veterans come home to no jobs, no prospect of jobs and a lack of services in the counties outside of the cities.  Pete was instrumental in the passage of a bill during the 2005 legislative session that helped begin a mobile veteran’s services van.  The van has traveled to the more rural areas of Nye County; bringing information to our veteran’s regarding their much needed services.  That program has since been expanded to other rural areas in Nevada.

Home Rule:

Most states operate under Dillon’s Rule, which says that, although counties have permission to run their districts as they see fit, the State has veto power over all decisions made either by the people or their elected officials.  Pete Goicoechea wants to give the power back the Counties, to allow “Home Rule”. He believes that the best government, “county government”, is the government closest to the people.  As your State Senator, Pete will continue to fight for Home Rule.

Committee to Elect Pete Goicoechea
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